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I've been learning and experimenting with music since I was about 14.

I had a lengthy break from creating any tunes, but around 2010 I started getting back into it with the help of Indaba Music and Skale Tracker. Some exceptionally talented musical friends have helped me to build on my knowledge of other applications, and as a result I feel my sound has developed a new depth, overall.

The trick, as with most things is to keep learning, for sure.

So far people have compared my style of music production/remixing to - The 80's in general, New Order, Nitzer Ebb, Depeche Mode, 

DJ Tiesto and Front 242.

When I was very young I loved the film 'Yellow Submarine' with an inevitable level of influence from the Beatles as a result. This later branched out into influence from Nik Kershaw, Duran Duran, David Bowie, which later resulted in an appreciation of the Pet Shop Boys (mainly their pre-1991 period) and Jean-Michel Jarre's 'Live in Houston/Lyon' album, wich made a huge impression on me.

This merged with a new appreciation of the polished, Mutt Lange produced sounds of Def Leppard, which were closely followed by the music of Extreme. At college I inevitably moved onto grunge in the form of Stone Temple Pilots - Plush got me hooked.

Pearl Jam, Metallica, Faith No More and Soundgarden caught my attention more and more. This led to the Prodigy, Faithless and Apollo 440 due to their occasional merging of rock and electronic music. Faithless more than lent itself to Trance music too - so then I got into Euphoric dance and trance for a few years - and that has continued.
In a way the pop/electronic influence was always there, but

went a long time without being centre stage any more.

As a result I think I've ended up with quite an eclectic music brain. I like raw, dirty riffs. I like live and acoustic tracks, I like polished pop; I like polished dance with seamless production. I like dreamy exotic vocals (Sarah McLachlan) and sweeping synth noises sometimes merged in with whatever else works.

There aren't many musical forms I avoid - other than Hip Hop style R'n'B or Jazz - although one or two Jazz artists I've heard, (Norah Jones for one), I find easier to listen to than others.

More recent influences would be Lady GaGa, Origa (Vocalist for the Ghost in the Shell series' theme music), Adam Nickey (Callista in particular), Stoneface & Terminal, Above & Beyond, Paul Van Dyk and Emma Hewitt to name but a few.


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